A Reminder About Apollo 11 On Its Golden Anniversary


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   Today is what would have been the 92nd birthday of my late mother, Elizabeth Lavernoich, who is still greatly missed, and not just by my brothers and myself.  It’s been almost two years since my mother’s death – and the memory of that still persists in both our hearts and souls.  But today’s also the anniversary of still another turning point in the lives of my family – and which also took place on Mother’s birthday; the memory of that as well remains fresh in our minds.

   On the morning of July 2, 1984, only a week or two after my graduation from high school – my father, Alphonse Lavernoich, called me downstairs several times inside our then-home at 849 E. Wakefield Blvd. in Winsted, Connecticut.  When I did, I noticed that something wasn’t right with Father, including his physical mobility, a fact that I quickly alerted Mother to.  Within the next few hours, Mother called an ambulance and the paramedics driving it over to our home – and Father ended up in our town’s local hospital, which was operating at that time, and where my brother Joseph was working as a nurse.  By day’s end, my family – and those who knew and deeply loved Father, including the entire population of Winsted – learned why he wasn’t himself on that morning: Father suffered a serious stroke which crippled half his body.

   Needless to say, all of us were stunned and saddened by what happened to Father on that day – and knew that not only his own life, but also the lives of my family (and more), was forever altered.  The next ten years would be very difficult for Father – not to mention the entire Lavernoich family, as we did our best to adjust to and accept what had happened to him, knowing that the energetic personality that helped define Father’s life was gone forever.  In my case, the task of helping out Father – plus my own mental health problems – nearly drove me into my own personal abyss during the summer of 1991 (though, in many respects, I would recover much of my life and sanity in the years to come).  And yet, my own problems paled in comparison to what Father had to endure in the last decade of his life – and which was definitely heartbreaking, not just from my own standpoint.  Only with Father’s death in mid-November 1994 did his decade of suffering come to an end – though the thoughts and questions concerning what might have been still remain, and will persist far beyond the end of our own lives.

   Thirty-five years after the fact, what I witnessed on that July morning hasn’t left my thoughts.  Just like the memory of that September evening back in 2013, when Mother fell down and was permanently crippled inside our then-home, and which resulted in her spending her last years in a nursing home.  We didn’t see both incidents coming – nor could we have truly predicted what happened.  Then again, life’s not only unfair – but also unpredictable.  When the worst does happen – all you can do is accept the hard facts for what they are, while doing your best to move forward and hope that better days are on the horizon.

   Even today, I still miss my parents – while wondering what might have happened had fate and circumstances hadn’t intervened.  And yet, I’m very much proud of my parents – what they accomplished during their lifetimes, and what they meant, not only to my family, but also everyone else who had the good fortune to know them, part of an overall legacy more precious than even all the world’s wealth, and which I truly hope never fades away.


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   On this Easter Sunday, I’d prefer to be a writer of few words — and let my latest Vimeo video get the point across more effectively:

Hope your Easter is truly blessed.


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Those of you viewing the YouTube video above this very paragraph that you’re now reading no doubt understand its overall purpose.  Those of you who don’t — well, please read on.

As you well know, among the eight books I’ve written over the span of seventeen years are the first two in the BEYOND THE UNKNOWN series (and I’ll give you the website link for the official BTU website shortly).  And now comes what I hope will definitely be the next step forward in increasing the BTU franchise’s visibility and brand name — namely, a monthly anthology comic book, featuring original stories and art from not only yours truly, but also many of comics’ top talents.

Of course, trying to launch a comic book like BTU — in fact, any comic book — can be and is usually a risky venture, especially when it involves spending money on producing even a single issue, something that’s probably changed little since the 1930’s.  Of course, the comic book industry has changed and evolved in almost the past century — with technology and social media playing major roles in the industry of today; even so, launching a comic book is much harder than you might believe.

And yet, doing the difficult — or impossible — has, more often than not, resulted in works that’ve stood the test of time, and that includes comic books..  That’s one reason why I believe that BEYOND THE UNKNOWN as a comic book can and will succeed.  And with your help and support, it can become a reality.

Already, I’ve launched a crowd-sharing project on Patreon‘s website to help bring forth a BTU comic book — the YouTube video at the top of this very blog article’ll give you all that you need to know about the project itself (including the perks you’ll get from financially supporting it).  But just in case the YouTube video isn’t enough to convince you to support said project:

btu-website-3-13-19a   As I write this, I’m considering getting a podcast service subscription which’ll play a crucial role in both my audio and video podcasts which are part of my Patreon project — and hopefully, that decision won’t be long in coming.  Those of you visiting my Patreon page’ll learn more about that and other news related to it via the page’s Posts section — not to mention all over the rest of the Internet.

And for those of you still unfamiliar with BTU as a whole — well, please click on the following below this very paragraph you’re now reading:BEYOND THE UNKNOWN-websiteinfo-1   I’m hoping that you’ll take part in what I reverently hope will be a worthwhile — and highly successful — enterprise.  If the BEYOND THE UNKNOWN comic book does become a success — it’ll be in no small measure to your help and support.jll-videoinfo-2.jpg


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   I’m a registered Republican – and have been since 1983, when I reached legal voting age.  And in many cases, I’m already regretting that decision.

   It’s impossible to ignore the present political situation in Washington – and the only thing it’s accomplished so far is proving that the current U.S. President’s ego is bigger than his intelligence.  (Appearing on a best-forgotten Reality TV show which should have never been conceived to begin with will do damage to more than your intelligence.)  True, our elected representatives do need to improve our country’s immigrant problem – but building a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border’ll create more problems than it solves, especially when it’s become more difficult to tell who our real enemies are, a problem that isn’t foreign to both the United States and the rest of the world.

   When many Americans elected Donald Trump over two years ago, they believed that he’d help return the United States to its former greatness – just like many TV viewers during the past decade believed that The Apprentice, which Trump appeared on, was quality TV, with both beliefs sharing much in common with the myth that the Nazi holocaust never took place during World War II: Those beliefs are stupid and pointless, just like President Trump’s demand for a border wall which won’t do much for our own protection, personal and otherwise.

   And this is the leader of the free world?!  The one who helped bring us into this present mess – and not just in Washington?

   And the worst part of this – many of us let Trump run amok as U.S. President, mostly because almost all of us were blind to the warning signs when we elected him into office over two years ago (and before that, when Trump announced his candidacy).  And it might do more than damage both the Republican and Democratic Parties’ reputation – just ask the generation of Americans who voted for Richard Nixon, and ended up regretting it.

   Since this year’s the 45th anniversary of Nixon resigning as U.S. President during the Watergate scandal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump was kicked out of office – probably before the winter season ended.  At the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vladmir Putin being removed from power in Russia happened on the same day that Trump got his just desserts (and that might not be long in coming).  Personally, I’m hoping for it – and, I’m betting, so are many Americans who’ve already learned a hard and bitter truth from all this: Reality TV never does anyone or anything any good in the long run.  Including the position of President of the United States.  (Just pray and hope that no other Reality TV ever follows Trump’s lead – including Sarah Palin.)


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   First of all, a belated Merry Christmas to my family members and friends.  If I haven’t written a blog article in the past few weeks, I’ve been busy getting ready for not only the holiday season, but also my oldest brother’s wedding late last week.  (Note to mine and Bill’s Facebook friends – you can still congratulate Bill on his recent wedding via his Facebook page; just type his name in the Facebook search engine.)

   Next month – January 2019 – will mark the fourth anniversary of yours truly permanently moving out of the house that was my home for almost a half-century.  When I lived in my parents’ home while growing up – I used to greatly dread Winter, especially on snow days when I had to shovel snow off the driveway outside several times in a single snow day, which wasn’t easy, especially if you were the only one doing it under various circumstances.  Even more so during the Winter of 2013-14, when I was the only person living in my parents’ home, and especially after my late mother’s crippling injury a few months before resulted in her living in a nursing home for the rest of her life, in addition to the other health problems that she already faced.

   In the Spring of 2014, I’d hoped to move out of my parents’ home and into an apartment of my own in nearby Torrington – but it didn’t really happen, mainly because the apartment I would have moved into was, in many respects, unsuitable for living, and I was pretty much inclined to agree with those who thought similary.  As such, it wouldn’t be until almost four years ago that I really did close one chapter of my life, and started another.  Granted, the apartment building I’ve been living in since early-January 2015 isn’t perfect – the putrid smells inside the apartment building hallway alone makes one wish that Sir Walter Raleigh never introduced tobacco to the entire world.  And yes, in the future, I do hope to move into a larger apartment, one with more than one bedroom, and located at ground-level, partly to suit my career aspirations.

   And yet, living in my apartment for almost the past four years hasn’t been bad.  True, I have to rely on others to drive me shopping, etc. (since I don’t have a driver’s license – and probably never will).  And yes, the apartment building I live in doesn’t have an elevator.  On the other hand, I’m glad that I no longer have to shovel snow outside during the winter months (and at my age, I really shouldn’t).  I’m a lot more closer to downtown Winsted, Connecticut than I was living in the Highland Lake area for almost fifty years, which means long walks outside when the weather’s perfect or near that.  And I’ve managed to get several books written and published inside my apartment (and elsewhere) in almost the past four years – with my next one about to become a reality.

   All things considered, living in Winsted’s a lot more bearable than I really thought – and certainly more logical and sensible than moving out west to California to pursue my career goals (considering the wildfires that’ve plagued that state in the last few years).  The present – and the future – aren’t as bleak as I thought they’d be, partly because I’ve been more blessed than even I realized.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve also got my god-given talents and positive attitude needed to move forward, just like the best of humanity has, and especially as 2018 gives way to 2019 and beyond.

   To which I end this by simply saying – Happy New Year.


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It’s been a few weeks since my last blog article — but I haven’t been 100% idling from a creative standpoint, as the YouTube video above the very paragraph you’re now reading should prove.  My eighth and current book, Trio, has just been published — though I should point out that, for right now, you can only purchase it in both print and PDF formats from Lulu Books (and to do that, please click here).  Fortunately, Trio‘ll be available for purchasing from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc. within the next few weeks.  (As for an EPUB version of Trio for your E-book digital reader devices — that’ll become a reality once Lulu Books corrects the technical problems needed to convert document files to EPUB format.)

I’ve also just published one of my previous books, Memories Of My Youth, in print format — and like its E-book counterpart, you can only purchase the print version of MOMY exclusively from Amazon.com, where you can also purchase many of my other published works.  And I’m currently making plans to write my next creative effort, The Janus Terror, which I hope to get published next year.

And that’s not all — I’m still planning on making my monthly Beyond The Unknown comic book a reality, part of the overall BTU franchise which began with the first two published anthology books (including Twists & Turns Of Fate, published this past summer).  If you’d like to voice your support for the BTU comic book (and who you’d like to see write and draw stories for it) — and yes, it’ll definitely be an anthology comic book — please click here.  I also plan on writing another short story much like the type presented in the first two BTU books — and which I hope’ll be published on the Internet before Christmas.

As for my next blog article — well, I’ve got a significant number of subjects to choose from, with some of them based on my own life experiences.  Which one’ll I choose?  All I’ll say is — you know where to find me on the Internet; just type my name on the Internet search engines (and yes, I definitely do exist).


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