I’ve just updated my web site — if you’d like to check it out, click on the appropriate link to it that’s listed below.  Or if you’re search engine savvy, type in one of the following keywords on your Internet server’s various search engines that’ll list the links for both my web sites and Internet stories and articles — namely, John Lavernoich, John Lavernoich’s Website, and Code Name: Chameleons (the last keyword’ll take you to the subpage on my web site that’s devoted to my book of the same name).  There’s also news of my web site on my profile pages at not only Windows Live Spaces, but also Facebook and My Space; the links to said pages are also listed below.
   Oh, yeah — after you’re done checking out my web site, please tell everybody else to check it out, as well as my social networking pages, okay?
John Lavernoich
Winsted, CT
November 8, 2009
Windows Live Spaces profile page:

About johnlav

I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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