It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written my last blog — partly because of the snowstorm that hit the Northeast during the last weekend in October and caused a week-long power outage in my home state of Connecticut, with CL&P ending up in the hot seat for not doing what was needed to be done a whole lot sooner.  Between then and now, much has happened in the news — including the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that has spread to the entire country, the race to see who’ll be the Republican nominee in next year’s U.S. Presidential elections, the current financial crisis in Europe, and the Penn State child abuse scandal that’s already tarnished the reputation of the university’s college football program.  Not to mention a certain reality TV family whose so-called fifteen minutes of fame has already extended into an eternity — and who should have been consigned to permanent obscurity a long time ago (like say, when Ryan Seacrest made the serious mistake of pitching the concept of their various TV shows to E! network executives who should have rejected him in the very beginning); now you can understand why I hate reality TV programs that insult the intelligence of viewers worldwide.

   Lest you think I’m isolated from the rest of the world, I’m already well aware of what’s happening, thanks in part to hearing about it via various media outlets (including the Internet) — and yes, we can’t escape the realities currently facing the world, knowing how much they affect us (and will no doubt continue to, even as 2011 gives way to 2012).  Still, we continue to focus on the present, while preparing for what lies ahead — no matter how unpredictable the future is.  For me, it’s trying to balance my writing career and other activities with helping out my elderly mother and the rest of my family — which isn’t always easy, and especially when the unexpected can happen at any given moment (and all of us have been there, haven’t we?).

   Whether or not things will really get better when 2011 ends and 2012 begins is something that nobody can predict — including your friendly neighborhood psychic.  It’s really up to all of us to help make things better so we can all have a better future, the kind in which we can truly feel comfortable with.  And hopefully, a future without the likes of the Kardashians.

   P.S.: Please be sure to check out my latest video on YouTube — just click on the link to my channel page — for the latest writing news (not to mention a few Christmas gift suggestions!).

    John Lavernoich is the author of the novels Code Name: Chameleons and Chameleons To The Rescue, as well as close to three dozen articles and short stories that have been published in print and on the Internet – to learn more about Mr. Lavernoich and his writing achievements, please visit his official website (http://jlavernoich2008.web.officelive.com/default.aspx), as well as his pages on Windows Live Spaces(http://cid-ef88d131988ab38f.profile.live.com), Facebook(http://www.facebook.com/john.lavernoich?ref=name), MySpace(http://www.myspace.com/jlavernoich), and Twitter(http://twitter.com/JLav65). Mr. Lavernoich also maintains his own video channel on YouTube(http://www.youtube.com/user/JLav65?feature=mhsn) as well as his Author Spotlight page on Lulu Books‘ website (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Highroad).

 ©2011 John Lavernoich.


About johnlav

I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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