There was a time when I was ambitious, back in high school.  True, I wanted to be a writer – a goal that I’ve achieved, though I’ve yet to make a profit from said career (which isn’t easy, given the fact that other people in the same profession as myself are also vying for the public’s attention, even in the age of YouTube and Facebook).

   When I was in high school, I wanted recognition and the perks that came with it.  I was part of the high school newspaper, where I honed my writing skills – but I was also a member of the student council, as prestigious a group that you hoped to be part of.  Those of you who went to high school when you were growing up probably knew the value of being part of the student council – including being elected a delegate, based on your status as either a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior student.  Well, that’s what I wanted to be while I was in my late-teens (aside from being a writer) – a student council delegate.

   But I had a problem – I was something naïve when it came to politics, even in high school.  And lacking common sense when added to your driving ambitions can – more or less – cause some serious trouble, not just for you.  During my four years in high school, I never became a student council delegate – and when I attempted to resort to somewhat unethical measures (either in my sophomore or junior year), I ended up suspended from the student council for a certain time.  It was one of the low points in my life – but it also taught me that however good I was at doing certain things, I was inexperienced in other things.  The student council debacle during my years in high school also shaped my own opinions about politics – which is why I don’t write about the subject or mention it in public that much.  Now you can understand why I shied away from politics – and why if I had to do it all over again, I’d probably keep my mouth shut.  Besides, I’m not sure I’d make a great politician – including President of the United States (not unlike the current Republican candidates).

   John Lavernoich is the author of the novels Code Name: Chameleons and Chameleons To The Rescue, as well as close to three dozen articles and short stories that have been published in print and on the Internet – to learn more about Mr. Lavernoich and his writing achievements, please visit his official website (, as well as his pages on Windows Live Spaces (, Facebook (, MySpace (, and Twitter ( Mr. Lavernoich also maintains his own video channel on YouTube ( as well as his Author Spotlight page on Lulu Books‘ website (

©2011 John Lavernoich.


About johnlav

I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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