Tonight, cable TV’s Syfy airs the third Sharknado TV-movie.  And like its two predecessors, I won’t be watching it at all – mainly because the plots of all three TV-movies are not only stupid, but also unrealistic, since we know that the idea of tornados hurling sharks across the country (and perhaps the rest of the world) would never happen in the real world.  But then, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms in the world are definitely far more destructive and traumatic than being mauled or killed by a shark in any of the world’s oceans.

   And yet, if the possibility of tornadoes dropping live sharks on us did happen in the real world, we’d be no better in dealing with it than we would with a disaster caused by Mother Nature in the real world which struck without warning, like the real-life tornadoes which disrupt (and in many cases, end) the lives of those caught in their path – simply because we wouldn’t be prepared for it if it actually happened, even with the modern technology that we now have at our disposal, since almost all natural disasters can and do strike without warning.  And we already know that the outcome of any real-life disaster is more heartbreaking than what you’d find in a movie, novel, or TV show – especially when its victims have to start the long trek towards rebuilding their lives and communities, while knowing full well that future disasters are waiting in the wings, and on a more destructive scale than even they realize.  The unexpected – no matter what form it takes – has always been part of recorded history, and we can’t change it when it does happen.  Nor can we reverse it – which has always been beyond our grasp.

   It’s highly unlikely that life will ever imitate art, as far as the improbable storylines in the trio of Sharknado TV-movies – mainly because real life is different from Hollywood fiction in one important respect: when it comes to dealing with disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes in the world that we live in, reality ends up trumping fiction, especially when you realize that nobody has the ability or resources to alter the past, including any and all disasters and their bleak aftermaths.  Not even a talented Hollywood filmmaker or screenwriter.

   John Lavernoich is the author of three books (including the first two Chameleons, Inc. novels), as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in print and on the Internet.  To learn more about Mr. Lavernoich and his various creative accomplishments, please check out the following websites listed below:

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I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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