Already, Donald Trump’s nearing the end of his first full month of U.S. President – but what he’s accomplished during that time period is, in the eyes of many, a multi-layered disaster waiting to happen.  But then, I’m not surprised – nor were American voters who were disappointed when they voted for Hillary Clinton this past November.  (Personally, I was hoping that Bernie Saunders would end up in the White House.)

   If you think that President Trump’s actions are an example of the political déjà vu that the United States or any other country in the world has experienced in the past when they elected a political leader who proved to be a metaphorical “train wreck” in more ways than one – in that case, join the club (and there’s plenty of members who’ll give you various shades of opinion in regards to governments run amuck).

   Not that Donald Trump was the first U.S. President to really foul up in office – in fact, some of Trump’s predecessors weren’t great U.S. Presidents to begin with, if only because they failed to live up to the ideals of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, and Roosevelt (both Theodore and FDR), not to mention Franklin and his ilk who made the country’s breaking away from the British Empire during the Revolutionary War possible.  Perhaps if our country’s Founding Fathers had a fortune teller’s crystal ball (if it existed, that is) back in 1776, and saw visions of what’s happened in almost the past 250 years from a negative standpoint, the shock alone might have killed them.  There’s no doubt that our greatest U.S. Presidents wouldn’t have approved of Richard Nixon masterminding the Watergate scandal – or Herbert Hoover doing next to nothing during the first few years of the Great Depression – or Warren G. Harding allowing the Tea Pot Dome scandal to morph into a major headache for the U.S. Government (and that happened after Harding’s death in 1923).  President Trump’s slogan during his U.S. Presidential campaign last year – “Let’s make America great again” – may be a noble goal; it ends up becoming a vain hope when a significant number of politicians (and not just in America) overstep their powers and limits, resulting in the kind of disasters that lead others to think that the end of the world can’t be far behind (and certainly explains why Germany’s Adolf Hitler wasn’t a great leader – political or military – to begin with; just ask those who are still around who experienced World War II in the flesh over 75 years ago – or even a present-day historian with great insight into past history).

   Of course, our greatest U.S. Presidents did make serious errors in judgment which, for better or worse, helped make the present world possible – including John F. Kennedy sending U.S. military troops into Vietnam, and Lyndon B. Johnson’s actions after JFK’s death which ended up turning the Vietnam War into both national tragedy and joke.  Considering the current situations around the world, it remains to see how President Trump will handle and help solve the many problems connected to the global “hot potatoes” that he inherited from George W. Bush and Barack Obama – including North Korea’s increasing arrogance as a nuclear nation (solid proof that Korea should have never been split into two countries after the end of WWII) and terrorists groups like ISIS running rampant in the Middle East.  (I won’t even mention Russia – which is already undoing what it hoped to accomplish as a democracy in the post-Cold War era.)

   There’s also a far serious problem to consider concerning Trump as U.S. President – aside from his lack of experience – that might seal more than his political doom: namely, his own personality, stemming from not only his image as a billionaire businessman, but also a so-called “Reality TV” star (which should prove to all that The Apprentice TV series shouldn’t have been conceived in the first place – and the much-reviled current revival is just as bad as the original version which Trump hosted and co-produced), which certainly can’t be good for the United States in particular, and global unity in general.  If Trump continues to apply the old “I’m above the laws of God and Man” formula as U.S. President which proved to be Richard Nixon’s downfall – it’ll serious damage America’s role as a major world power, thus further exposing and amplifying the many dangerous and controversial flaws and vulnerabilities that have gone against what the country’s supposed to and should stand for (including the racial and ethnic prejudices and male chauvinism which refuse to go away, despite what the civil rights and Women’s Lib movement successfully accomplished in the 1960’s and beyond).  And almost four years from now, we might ask the all-important question: Was voting Trump into the White House a smart move?  That is, if the world’s still in one piece by then – and I hope it does, if only because the American public will get that question answered and finally realize that even the most well-known and charismatic (if not always well-liked and admired) celebrity isn’t always the best choice to lead the free world.  And especially one whose trademark line – “You’re fired” – might end up being his own epitaph if his recklessness and arrogance continues to trip him up.  Maybe even sooner, if a certain Russian president that Trump has praised ends up double-crossing him.

   That’s enough to make anyone swear off so-called “Reality TV” shows – hopefully for good.






   JOHN LAVERNOICH is the author of five books (including the first two Chameleons, Inc. novels), as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in print and on the Internet.  Mr. Lavernoich’s most recent short story, The Death-Maker, can be found at:

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I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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  1. Barbara Koen says:

    Great article John. I remember reading an article in Readers Digest. The author said that people have been trainning to be on Reality TV shows their whole lives by watching TV their whole lives. There is no such thing as reality TV because once the camera rolls you will not behave the way you would if it hadn’t. That being said, I feel many cannot tell the difference and will not fully understand the implications of their choice until the hammer comes down. I feel very sorry for those people from many red states that thought Trump would save the day. In these staes, many have the highest amount of people using all the services that he and his tribe plan to dismantle. Huxley’s Brave New World comes to mind. Barbara Migetz Koen


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