In my last blog article, I mentioned that I didn’t know when I’d write my next one.  As it happens, through both fate and circumstances, I’m writing this very blog article – but not for the usual reasons of expressing my personal opinions or promoting my creative efforts.

   As I write this, my family’s already enduring a personal tragedy – in this case, the passing of my mother, Elizabeth Lavernoich, who died yesterday afternoon.  There’s no doubt that my mother played an important role in not only my life, as well as those of my brothers, nephews, nieces, and other relatives – but also several generations of people who loved and respected her very much, simply because she truly stood up for their best interests, especially the children which she entertained during her years as a children’s librarian.  Needless to say, she’ll be greatly missed – and yet, not forgotten, given her many achievements and devotion to the community which she lived in for over a half-century.

   As for when I’ll write my next blog article (and resume working on my other creative efforts) – that, I can’t say.  But I’ll definitely say is that this upcoming week’ll be a busy and difficult one for my family, based not only on what’s happened in the past 24-plus hours, but what transpires over the next few days.  Please pray for my family – as we end one chapter in our lives, and begin a new one.



About johnlav

I've written five published novels -- including the first two in the CHAMELEONS, INC. book series -- as well as various non-fiction articles and short stories that have been published in both print and on the Internet.
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