It’s been over a month since my last blog article — and this summer’s been a transitional period for both my family and I.  The following YouTube video above this very paragraph should give you a good example of what I’ve been doing from a creative standpoint, and doesn’t need much explanation.

But that’s not the only creative project I’m working on — but I’ll save that tidbit for my next blog article.  (That is, if I’m not sidelined by any unexpected setbacks — and God knows that I don’t need any more to complicate both my life and career!)



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   In my last blog article, I mentioned that I didn’t know when I’d write my next one.  As it happens, through both fate and circumstances, I’m writing this very blog article – but not for the usual reasons of expressing my personal opinions or promoting my creative efforts.

   As I write this, my family’s already enduring a personal tragedy – in this case, the passing of my mother, Elizabeth Lavernoich, who died yesterday afternoon.  There’s no doubt that my mother played an important role in not only my life, as well as those of my brothers, nephews, nieces, and other relatives – but also several generations of people who loved and respected her very much, simply because she truly stood up for their best interests, especially the children which she entertained during her years as a children’s librarian.  Needless to say, she’ll be greatly missed – and yet, not forgotten, given her many achievements and devotion to the community which she lived in for over a half-century.

   As for when I’ll write my next blog article (and resume working on my other creative efforts) – that, I can’t say.  But I’ll definitely say is that this upcoming week’ll be a busy and difficult one for my family, based not only on what’s happened in the past 24-plus hours, but what transpires over the next few days.  Please pray for my family – as we end one chapter in our lives, and begin a new one.


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MY LATEST YouTube VIDEO – 7-6-17

Here’s my latest YouTube video promoting the latest item added to my Pictures Shop website, which you should definitely check out.  As for when I’ll write my next WordPress blog article — that depends not only on my ever-hectic schedule and commitments to various people, but also any current personal matters faced by both yours truly and my family (which I won’t get into, at least for right now).  But don’t worry — I’ll let you know when my next blog article’ll be published (and more).







JOHN LAVERNOICH is the author of five published books, and various short stories and articles published both in print and on the Internet.


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Remembering Adam West



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Here’s my latest video on Vimeo in honor of Memorial Day:


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Finding Personal Strength In My Art

For those of you who’ve visited the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury, Connecticut over the past few weeks, this is one of the two original illustrations that I contributed to the art exhibit presented at Mattatuck, and co-sponsored by WCMHN, which ended late last week.  For those of you who visited Mattatuck during the past few weeks – and those of you who didn’t, you can purchase and own your copies of not only the illustration located above this very paragraph, but also the second which I displayed on my blog site a few weeks; please click on the following web address below:

Pictures Shop-Website Link

In addition, within the next day or two, I plan to upload my latest video on Vimeo, in honor of Memorial Day.  And to let you know that I haven’t been idle, I’ve just completed the first twenty-five chapters of the soon-to-be-published Target: Chameleons, which I hope to have finished and published by this Halloween – not to mention the fact that I’ve already conceived the plot for an episode of a certain TV show which I hope to write in the next few days (and hopefully, sell to the producers of said series); as for the name of the TV show – well, how many spike-haired TV characters with yellow skin do you know who are still on the air?  (Consider that a subtle hint.)

Until my next blog article —






JOHN LAVERNOICH is the author of five books, as well as numerous articles and short stories published on the Internet.


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The IGA Super Saver grocery store in Winsted, CT


   Changes – they can be either a blessing or a curse.  Or perhaps both.  And when they actually happen – they can arouse a wide array of opinions and emotions, depending on your own perspective.  And sometimes, they go beyond where you live.

   At the end of this month – and after over thirty years in the same spot – the IGA Super Saver in Winsted, Connecticut will close for good and be possibly replaced with a community grocery co-op.  No doubt the reactions and responses to this have been varied – and coming at a time when the local grocery store in one’s own hometown is becoming a thing of the past, especially when supermarket and retail store mega-chains are now dominating today’s communities throughout the world.  I’m not surprised – the world has changed greatly since my generation, and those of my own family members and friends was born (and my 52nd birthday will be coming up this Thursday), and the progress that we’ve made in our own lifetimes have already advanced us to where we are now.  On the other hand, progress has made many things obsolete – and the local family-owned grocery store might be one of them, especially the fact that there aren’t more than one of them in our own hometowns these days (I know that there were several local grocery stores in Winsted when my generation and I were growing up).  The same also applies to local businesses which then existed, but have since been rendered outmoded by mega-chain stores and the Internet – not to mention the times that we live in.

   Even entertainment changes – and sometimes, not for the better.  By month’s end, the Ringling Brothers & Barnum-Bailey Circus will shut down for good for several reasons, including the fact that the old-time circus under the big top was already rendered obsolete, and had been since the 1950’s, when television started to change the world that they live in.  Unlike the motion picture industry, which has partly relied on technology to survive and endure, the old-time circus ended up become extinct, much like the horse and buggy-wagon as a means of transportation – and the bow and arrow as a weapon – if only because it belonged to a far-away time chronciled only in history books and aging newspaper article clippings.  Of course, an old-time circus doesn’t mean much to today’s generation – dictated in part by changing times, tastes, and technologies.  I feel sorry for today’s generation and those to follow, partly because they’ll never experience and thrill to what my generation and those before us enjoyed while we were growing up.  But I also feel sorry for my generation – and those of my family members and friends – since we know that someday, we’ll pass on, just like our own collective memories.  Just like we know that things might change for the worst someday – and possibly render our past, present, and future extinct.  And that’s one change that all of us would rather do without.






   JOHN LAVERNOICH is the author of five published books, as well as various short stories and articles – including his most recent, Betrayed – and Burned, which you can read at Booksie.com(Keywords: John Lavernoich.)

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